LIAISON Co., Ltd. President / Creative Director

Megumi Onikura, President of LIAISON, started her career at Issey Miyake as a merchandiser for Paris collection and its foreign market.
After Issey Miyake, she joined H.A.Deux and worked with French famous designer Andree Putman.as her representative in Japan. She managed many projects of apartments, restaurant, Hotel Le Lac and the famous furniture collection “Rue du Bac” and “Le Marais”

Then, she started to work with other designers, Bruno Moinard, Christian Biecher and etc… as their Japanese representative, for “Estnation”, “TSUMORO CHISATO”, restaurant “SAN PAU” and many apartments.

Her working fields developed not only for design, but also for working as “Producer”
She successfully won a good reputation for dealing with events “Japan Design”, an exhibition introducing Japanese current designs which was held at VIA, a French official organization in Paris as well as for planning lectures and curating for that exhibition held in the hall of French Modern Art Museum (Centre Pompidou).
Her operational scope was infinite – being commissioned not only by big name brands as Pierre Herme, a world-famous French pâtissière, the brasserie of ‘Le Cordon Bleu,’ a cooking school in France and ‘PIERRE DEUX’ an interior brand, but also by new brands like ‘O2 Catering’ and ‘O2 Patisserie’ to take care of producing the startup of the brand, give directions and serve as attaché de press. Also was involved in the development of food menu for ‘21_21Q’ of Tokyo Midtown and consultation for Conran Shop.

In 2007, Megumi Onikura established her own company LIAISON.
Since 2007, She has started to work as not only “Producer” but also “Designer” herself
As “Producer”, she produces events or brands such as “Design Touch” of Tokyo Midtown, “Rechard” of French chocolate,
As “Designer”, she designed / has been designed Hotel, apartment, exhibition, products.
And her first License design product “ALAMA” launched 2015.

Shape, material, texture, color, shape, reflection, shadow…Megumi Onikura calculates the interaction of those components for design.
And she always tries to change disadvantage to advantage by design. Because her goal is that “LIAISON” people and people, people and design or people and occasion and, at last, make people happy.